Thursday, April 3, 2008

My new desk chair...

is none other than a ballance ball. And I must say this thing is FABULOUS! It forces you to sit up strait (yay for good posture) and it works out your core all day. Talk about a good use of the 10 hours a day I sit at a desk.
And the comments, oh the comments, the punns, the ridiculousness. Because yes, everyone wants to try out my ball.
These are just a few of the humdingers -
"Uh, I think I just deflated your ball with my oversized me."
"I always knew you were on the ball, but I didn't realize you were actually on a ball!"
"I think I need more ball than you"
"Why are you sitting on tupperware?"
"I don't think that its appropriate office furniture"
"This thing (is it a chair?) is pretty awesome. It makes my butt feel good."

...see what I have to put up with every day at the office. And really, I love you people, but I don't want to know what makes your butt feel good! Needless to say, the entertainment value of what other people have said totally made the purchase worthwhile.