Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Party Like its 1998...

So this past weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. For starters can I just say wow! Time goes by so quickly. Really, its ridiculous.

It seems like it was mere moments ago that Kristy, Angelia and I (was Sarah there too, or maybe Mandi?) were getting pulled over by the Lamar County Sherriff for being out "so late" on a school night. It was like midnight - 1am ish. Yeah buddy, not so late. However,now I would tend to have to agree with the Lamar County Sheriff - that was way late! :) Nevertheless, back to the story. The four (or five) of us were all crammed into Angelia's red Neon praying that the 50 didn't realize that we had a trunk full of toilet paper and were in the process of rolling houses. Ah, the joys of being seniors! Wow- was that really over 10 years ago. Yes, indeed it was my friends.

So, with the help of some liquid courage, Kristy, Sarah and I dutifully attended the reunion. Yes, it was awkard. Yes, I am glad I went.

Here are some thoughts that entirely summarize the evening (in my humble opinion):

1. I'm still not one of the cool kids. Fortunately, at this point in life, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

2. Instead of a high school reunion, the whole evening could have been Andrew Ellard's or Emily Kent's senior party the weekend after gradution. Except the men were balding and most everyone was a bit heftier than they were back in the glory years of high school. No, really, it was just like a 1998, complete with a DJ and keg beer (what!).

3. I should have had a sign taped to my back saying - I'm living in Birmingham. No, I'm not married. No, I don't have any kids. I'm an attorney -because seriously, the conversation didn't get much farther than this with almost all of the people I talked to.
4. A certain someone's ever-so-large underoos/ crack still hang out of the back of their pants far more than is socially acceptible, even in Hattiesburg.

5. Thank god I don't live in Hattiesburg. The "cool" kids all still live there.

6. The weekend would not have been the same if Kristy and Sarah hadn't been there!

Oh, and for the curious among us, we changed cars and managed to get our fill of rollin' in before the night was over!

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