Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some things just are not meant to be...

...like making Oven Fried Chicken on a Tuesday night! After three failed attempts at locating The Food You Crave (for those who are curious or who are looking for this book, BAM at Brookwood, Jonathan Benton in MB Village and the Bookworm in Homewood are all sans cookbook). And I really haven't given up on making this chicken since I found the recipe online. Said chicken just won't be made tonight. As I say at the office, there's always tomorrow!


  1. Hey! I finally ordered the book at Barnes & Noble online. I should have checked with you to see if you bought a copy yet! I like your blog name -- reminds me of "carveouts" for professional fees, which I really like -- ha ha. I think you'll like food blogging -- it's a good outlet. For me, it's nice to have a reason to cook every week, otherwise I'd fall into the endless takeout trap!

  2. That was definitely where I was going with the carveout name! Thanks Cathy! I figure I will just look for the cookbook this weekend since I found the chicken recipe online!

  3. Welcome to blogging world! They have one more of those books at the Trussville Books A Million if you get out there this weekend. Or I could pick it up for you actually if you want me to do that. Just let me know. I'm sure I will be by there at some point. Can't wait to hear about your chicken! You are going to enjoy cooking with us!