Thursday, January 1, 2009

CEIMB - Chocolate Cherry-Almond Biscotti

The recipe this week was chosen by Enjoying my Favorite Things. I love love biscotti, but have never made it before so I was really excited about the recipe. Plus, having fallen into a super big black hole (aka work and Christmas whatnots) and having been MIA over the last few weeks, I was excited to jump back into the blogging world.

The recipe was really easy to make. My only issue was that I used extra virgin olive oil since it was all I had in the pantry. However, the strong olive oil taste really comes through in the finished biscotti. Otherwise, no major catastrophes on this recipe. In fact, I am sitting here enjoying some biscotti and coffee while I type.

Thanks to Enjoying My Favorite Foods for picking a great recipe!

Also, one of my super cool friends gave me a game for Christmas called "Foodie Fight"! Its essentially trivial pursuit for food lovers! Seeing as how there aren't too many people in my life that love all things related to cooking, baking and food - I figured I would get a little game going on the blog! So for fun each week I will post some questions, we can have a virtual food fight and perhaps we will learn a little too.

Question No. 1. (well start with a gimme)
What dipping cookies are traditionally served with Italian vin santo (holy wine)?
Question No. 2
What thickener will actually thin under conditions of too much heat, vigorous stirring, or a too-long cooking time?
Question No. 3
How much juice will a medium lemon yield - about 2 tablespoons, 3 tablespoons or 1/4 cup?

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. those questions are hard! I would say 3 T. on the lemon juice? I have no idea about the other two. Glad you loved the biscotti. I'm thinking mine might have been better had I used the olive oil!

  2. Ugh -- blogger just ate my comment!

    Your biscotti look GREAT! You should bring the game in to work -- you know we have a freakishly large number of foodies on the 34th floor! Happy New Year!

  3. The biscotti looks delicious. Glad you liked them.

  4. I have no idea for questions #1 and #2. But I would say that a medium lemon would yield about 1/4 cup of juice.