Thursday, January 8, 2009

CEIMB Fried Rice

You like fried rice? I like fried rice. This week's recipe was Tofo and Edamame Fried Rice chosen by Running with Food. I made a few substitutions with the recipe. I substituted chicken for the tofu. Also, I left out the corn and added carrots instead. I thought the fried rice tasted great--but I managed to cook my rice too long.

After all the traveling over the last week I still haven't really got my head back on strait. So, I completely missed the part of the recipe that said to cook the edamame according to package directions. Of course I realized this only after I added the edamame to the pan full of browning garlic, ginger, green onions, etc. So, to make sure the edamame actually got cooked, I dumped the rice on top of it and let it steam for a few minutes. This worked to get the edamame cooked, but resulted in somewhat mushy rice. Maybe the rice would have been mushy anyways...who knows. I'm not really a fan of rice so I rarely cook it. Maybe brown rice is always a bit mushy??? Thoughts?

Thanks for picking a great recipe that was really easy to make on a weeknight!

Oh, and I almost forgot. The answers to the questions from last week and new questions.

Question No. 1 - Biscotti (I thought this one was a dead giveaway since we made biscotti last week!)
Question No. 2 - Cornstarch
Question No. 3 - 3 Tablespoons

New Questions.
Question No. 4 - What "pizza herb" has a peppery flavor and a hint of pine?

Question No. 5 - What course follows the salad course and is served before the dessert in European-style dining?

Question No. 6 - What category of nutrient has the most calories per gram - fat carbohydrate, protein or alcohol?


  1. Good idea to add chicken. I used shrimp and it was great! Brown rice usually isn't mushy unless it's been cooked with too much water or overcooked. Not sure if you have a Trader Joe's near you, but their frozen (pre-cooked) brown rice is really good!

  2. Good sub with the chicken. I thought this was a pretty good dish and I look forward to trying it again.

  3. Go you -- I think I would have probably bagged this and ordered pizza if I'd been traveling as much as you have! My rice often ends up mushy. Sometimes I add a little less water than it calls for, or cook it with the top off for a few minutes. Your fried rice looks great!!

  4. I cook mine with the top off for a little while too to get some of the water absorbed faster. Sometimes it is still mushy. Not really good at cooking it. I should get a rice cooker. We enjoyed the recipe though

  5. well I think rice is a bit mushy - you don't want it crunchy, right? And yours looks really good. I like the carrot addition. Also, I thought in Europe the salad was the finale of a meal?