Thursday, January 28, 2010

CEIMB: Emerald Stir Fry with Beef

I have pictures to post from this week's recipe but not with me -- so that will be a separate post. The recipe this week was chosen by Alyssa of Alyssa's Two Bites. I was really excited about this recipe because I love me some stir fry! I thought the combination of vegetables was going to be interesting and very different from the usual onions, carrots, green peppers, and broccoli that I normally put in stir fry. I followed the recipe as written with the only change being the addition of some red pepper flakes and garlic to the beef while cooking and adding some Siracha to the sauce.

However, I hate to say that I was very disappointed with the results of this recipe. I thought overall it was very bland and lacked a lot of the richness stir fry usually has. In fact, I made a container of leftovers to eat for lunch yesterday and they are still sitting in the fridge. I opted for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich over the leftovers. Not a good sign.

I think this recipe has a lot of potential it just needs some major tweaking!


  1. I'm in somewhat of the same predicament - have quite a bit leftover, not at all excited to eat it. I loved the veggie combination, which is totally different than what I would normally make for myself, but the sauce just had no flavor. Hopefully we can convince ourselves to eat it tomorrow.

  2. It does have lots of potential. I liked it but would also add to it.

    Yours looks delicious.

  3. I liked this, forgot to take pictures though so I didn't post it yet. Used eggplant instead of asparagus as they were soooo expensive...