Thursday, July 9, 2009

CEIMB: Shrimp Rolls

The recipe this week was chosen by MacDuff of Lonely Sidecar. I really wasn't very excited about this recipe because shrimp salad typically is not my favorite. But I decided to give the recipe a go nonetheless.

I used shrimp and had the seafood guy steam them with lots and lots of Old Bay seasoning. The shrimp were pretty darn good! I diced the shrimp up for the salad and added fresh dill, cilantro and garlic to the recipe. I also only used about 1 TBS of mayo.

I served the shrimp salad on a toasted french bread roll (the hot dog bun just isn't up my alley when I think of good bread!)
Overall, the salad was okay. I'm very glad I added the fresh herbs, otherwise it would have been really bland. But after this recipe, I think I am sticking with chicken salad being the only meat salad that I like.


  1. Chicken salad is my favorite too.

    Overall this dish was OK, but I really enjoyed the dressing/topping. I think that it would be awesome on some chicken salad sandwiches.


  2. I'm just not a sandwich person. But this wasn't too bad. Glad we tried it because Ted enjoyed it. I added mustard which helped a lot.
    Your photo makes it look delish!

  3. I don't really love overly mayo'ed salads either. Though I think the shrimp salads that i like are usually a little sweeter, maybe from better quality shrimp or some sour cream. In any case, this was just ok for us too.


  4. I like the Old Bay seasoning idea!

  5. Good for you for getting the seafood guy to steam the shrimp with Old Bay (I didn't even know they'd do that!) Sorry it was disappointing!