Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chicken Sate with spicy peanut dipping sauce

The recipe this week was chosen by Cathy of The Tortfeasor. Check out her blog and not only will you see that she may be the wittiest person you will ever meet, like me, you may just believe she is superwoman! You see, Cathy's office is 2 doors down from mine (read, she has a very demanding job and isn't just one of those ladies who lunch (if you know what I mean!)) Cathy also has three of the cutest children ever. Plus, she is a member of at least 12 different blogging groups -- even going so far to make HOMEMADE bread! The closest thing to homemade bread I have ever made is (1) "whop-um" cinnamon rolls (you know the can ones that you have to whop against the counter to open) and (2) pizza dough. Neither of which are remotely close to the tedious knead, rise, punch down, rest, watch, wait 5 hours, rest, wait, rest, bake, etc. process of homemade bread.
So, all of this combined could mean only one thing -- this week's recipe of Chicken Sate with spicy peanut dipping sauce had to be super easy to throw together!! How else would Cathy have time to make it (ignoring the fact that I believe she has figured out how to have about 40 hours in each day!).

I changed up the recipe a little bit - mostly just leaving the coconut milk out of the marinade and I added more soy sauce to the dipping sauce than called for because I thought the sauce was a bit too thick (and peanutty for my taste). Also, I used ground ginger in place of the fresh ginger in both the marinade and the sauce. I marinated the chicken for about 4 hours then grilled on an indoor grill pan. I served the chicken sate with brown rice and some spicy sauteed broccoli.

Overall, I thought this dish was fabulous. It was very flavorful and relatively easy to throw together (despite the daunting list of ingredients). Plus, the sauce was so good with the brown rice.
Thanks Cathy for a great pick! I will definitely be making this again!


  1. Your chicken turned out looking fab! I am soo jealous of everyone who works together with Cathy- so fun for all of you guys!
    I am sure the sauce tasted great on the rice too.

  2. It looks really good Jen! And your blog is funny. I'm glad we made this one even though it went against all my 7 ingredient recipe rules!!

  3. This was super tasty. Sometimes I will write off recipes if it has too many ingredients, glad I didn't do that with this one!


  4. I should have left out the coconut milk. It seems when a recipe calls for it, it never uses the whole can!
    Great job on the dish - we thought it was super.

  5. I like the pretty dish you have the peanut sauce in. It makes everything shine more.

  6. Oh, you are too kind Jen!! It is so much more fun doing this blogging stuff with you and Peggy. I kind of picked this one because it sounded good, and THEN read the ingredient list and sort of panicked. But it ended up being easy to throw together - phew. I am so glad you liked this - between your salad last week and these satays, I think I'm going to be eating a whole lot more Thai food! Your satays look great!